Luka Kladaric

Chaos Guru
Software Architect


As an IT professional with extensive experience in cloud infrastructure, architecture, and reliability, I’ve spent over two decades honing my skills and expertise.

Since 2004, I’ve been actively involved in mentoring, speaking at industry events, and advising companies of all sizes. Through these experiences, I’ve gained valuable insights into navigating the complexities of tech environments, resolving issues efficiently, and improving overall system performance.

My passion lies in solving problems related to distributed system failures. I thrive on untangling complex issues quickly and effectively to ensure systems not only function but excel.

Adaptability is crucial in my field, and I take pride in my ability to adapt to different programming languages, cloud platforms, and technologies. I believe in continuous learning and improvement to stay ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.

Ultimately, my goal is to make technology work better for us, whether it’s by optimizing performance, enhancing security, or reducing costs.

If you’re facing technological challenges and need someone to help simplify things and find solutions, I’d love to connect and see how I can assist you.

Work History

  • Noom

    Head of Infrastructure and Site Reliability

    2015 - 2024

    • Head of Infra, leading a 5 person Infrastructure Platform team (2017-2022)
      • stepped down from management duties to focus on IC work
    • Rackspace to AWS migration, 60 virtual and bare metal servers, lift and shift with zero downtime. Per unit cost of hosting went down 60% (Q3 2017)
    • Designed and built a HIPAA+SOC2 compliant container-based Internal Developer Platform using AWS CloudFormation+ECS Fargate, shifting ownership of production applications and databases from a central ops team to software engineering teams, and then supported the migration and ownership handover of dozens of applications and databases (2018-2019)
    • Introduced AWS SSO to support infrastructure-as-code requirements and best practices (2019)
    • Replaced traditional single point VPN with Cloudflare Zero Trust for role based access (2020)
    • Replaced Cloudflare Zero Trust with StrongDM for just in time access approval and full audit logging of production data access (2022)
    • Replaced Cloudflare CDN with a custom solution, 30x per unit cost decrease (2022)
    • Cleaned up tech debt accumulated over many years of fast paced development and several pivots.
    • Improved security, stability and performance of the production stack while ensuring a safe environment for developers to quickly iterate on code in
    • Built the first iteration of local development environments, dropping the dependency on VPN to the production network for development work
  • Meetup

    Engineering Lead


    • Engineering Lead, Payments
    • Engineering Lead, Triage
    • Liason between NYC and eastern european teams, both working local business hours.
  • GamingBattleGround

    Technical Advisor

    2015 - 2016

    Helped the engineering team overcome significant performance and scaling issues. Guided them through a migration from a self-hosted setup to Heroku, which allowed them to scale out as needed while focusing on development instead of ops work. Advised individual engineers and the org as a whole.
  • Hitlist

    Cofounder / CTO

    2013 - 2015

    Head of development and architecture. Owner of all tech things not frontend. SQL whisperer.

    Primary owner of the entire Python/Django/Postgres backend which crawled tens of millions of flights daily in search of the best deals.

    Involved in product development, hiring and fundraising.

  • Designeus web studio


    2005 - 2014

    Ran the tech side of things of a two person web team. Focused primarily on complex multi-language custom CMS solutions for real estate agencies, foreign language schools, tourism destinations, etc. Dozens of succesful projects, many return customers.
  • deviantART

    Web Developer

    2010 - 2013

    Worked on the entire deviantART web stack, from frontend to backend, internal tools and apps. Led several projects to refactor, optimize and secure core components of the website. Took ownership of the datamining service, stabilized, optimized and improved large portions of it. Led two projects to improve both UI and the underlying engine.

    Hiring team member (Feb - Dec 2012)

    Spam concerns liaison with Helpdesk, Community and Legal teams.

    Public projects: MoreLikeThis, deviantWEAR contests, dA Muro


    Lead Developer


    Fixed and optimized many sections of a codebase showing considerable bit rot, successfully stabilized an unstable product for key events of the season.

    Communicated directly with top clients to ensure proper functionality during critical times.

    Pitched, specced, prototyped, and built a new generation of product, which would go on to become the core of the company’s offering.

  • 24sata

    Senior Web Developer

    2009 - 2010

    Primary responsibility was development of several in-house applications using Python/Django and jQuery.

    Submitted patches to jQuery UI core.

  • SoundVault Ltd.

    Lead Developer & Architect

    2006 - 2009

    Developed a music shop for entertainment industry professionals, using PHP, PEAR and Smarty.

    Integrated PayPal and Google Checkout payment gateways, with a fully custom billing module.

    Developed an “import” application to allow suppliers to upload music and edit complex music metadata without administrator assistance, including mp3 transcoding and tag reading.